Brenna: Tween + Fort Worth, Tx + Teen Pictures

"I love that my daughter is everything I'd ever dreamt she'd be. She's one of the sweetest and most loving people I know. She's not afraid to get dirty and is just as comfortable dressing up. She's super smart, very creative, and has a heart of gold."


Ages 8-12 are hard. No longer a little kid, but not quite a teenager. Kids this age often get lost in the shuffle. Everything for them is changing: their bodies, the way they relate to the world, their reactions, school, their relationships with friends, family, and parents.

According to Daniel Siegel, MD author of Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain wrote, "Adolescence is a time of great boundary pushing that can be challenging and create catastrophes; but this pushing-back propensity can also be a remarkably positive, essential part of our lives."

"This period of the teenage years... is a time of great potential and of great constructive power. The push against traditional ways of doing things and of thinking about reality can yield ways of thinking outside the box that enable new and creative ways of doing things to emerge."

For Brenna, her tween years encountered so much more than just what the average teen experiences. Her family confronted a difficult season- a season that could shake any young girl to her core. Her parents wanted to do something to show Brenna just how much they love her, admire her, and appreciate her. 

Young & Free Project

The main goal is to make pre­teens look and feel beautiful and be confident in who they are. Brenna's parents did just that. Through this project, they helped to show Brenna how amazing they think she is. 

I want to capture the personality of these tweens and record the last stage of their childhood before they become young ladies. I want them to realize their true beauty so that they are confident in themselves before they hit junior high. Imagine the impact a single beautiful image can do for your tween's self-­image. 


There is so much power in our words. What we say to each other can build each other up or tear each other down. In a world full of so much "stuff" I believe we really need to encourage our preteens and teens. Do you remember the last compliment someone gave you? How did that one statement make you feel? Imagine if you got to watch a video where person after person complimented you and told you how amazing you are. Wouldn't that make you see yourself in a positive way?

She can change the world. And you want her to know it. You want her to face the world strong and confident. You want her to know that her true beauty is all about who she is on the inside. You want her to know that she was fearfully and wonderfully made. You want her to know that she does not have to fit into a mold. 

And when she turns 10, or 11, 12, or 16 you want her to know... Who am I? I am confident. I am strong. I am beautiful inside and out.

My goal is to create a gorgeous group of photos you’ll love and that truly show your daughter’s spirit and soul! 

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