Raigan Madding: Senior 2018 + Fort Worth, Tx + Fort Worth Senior Photography

I handed the clerk my credit card. He swiped it, handed it back, and presented the ginormous bouquet of balloons. "Good luck!" He laughed.

"What? Good luck? Why?" I asked. 

I quickly found out why. My assistant and I stuffed 4 of the balloons in the backseat after rearranging my equipment. I opened the front door barely shoved the last balloon in the passenger seat. My assistant turned and looked at me. "How am I supposed to fit in there?!?" She asked. 

We squeezed, pushed, and shoved her in the front seat and very carefully and quickly closed the door. I laughed, "I'm glad that I didn't order the 8 I originally wanted!"

Just so you know, only 5 giant balloons fit in my car.

Oh. My. Gosh.

 This adorable outfit makes me SO happy! 

I suggest to all my senior girls to pick a more formal outfit that matches their personality. This tulle skirt with a simple off the shoulder black top is a classic option that will remain timeless.

Raigan completed the outfit perfectly with multiple long strands of pearls, a pearl bracelet, and strappy heels. 

"Raigan is one of sweetest girls I have met. She always has a positive attitude about everything and will pick you up when you need it. She's also one of the funniest people ever."
-Megan, best friend
"She got me through hard times and was always a shoulder to cry on. I couldn't have gotten through the past 5 years without her."
-Megan, best friend

This girl knocked it out of the park with all of her outfits for her senior portraits. This particular outfit is just like her: timeless, cute, and classic. She picked a pair of jeans that fit her like a glove paired with an off the shoulder top and accessorized with long strand necklaces. 

"Raigan will never complain, and will always do anything for her team. Like the time she practiced and competed with a broken thumb. Never once complaining."
-Walter, Coach

Do you see the guy in green? 

He's right behind Raigan. 

He followed us around the whole time we photographed at this wall and stairs. And he kept jumping in the photo right as I'd get ready to take the picture. Ah, the obstacles we have to overcome while shooting downtown can sometimes be quite interesting. But I love it! <3 


As Raigan described her plans for after high school and college, I got so excited. Her plans are full of adventure and wanderlust... my kind of girl. She is super excited to fully embrace the entire New York, small apartment, Ramen noodles type life. I can totally picture her on her adventure, and she'll be amazing and totally make a difference in the lives of those around her. 


Since we've met, Raigan went on a mission trip to Costa Rica. She spent the week working hard building houses and loving on children in the area where her team served. I'm so excited for her and all that God plans to do in her life and how he plans to use her.  

"The three positive traits that Raigan has are: She is always willing to go above and beyond what we ask of her...she is a leader on and off the blue mat...always had a smile and  an energy that is contagious."
-Walter, Coach

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