Ada + Fort Worth, TX + What to Wear For Senior Pictures

After Alison pampered Ada with professional hair and makeup, we headed down to the Stockyards for Ada's senior pictures. 

When picking outfits for their senior pictures, I tell my seniors to bring a causal outfit, a "Sunday" outfit, and then something more formal. Because Ada will have 2 sessions, she kept these outfits more casual. 


Outfit 1: Your favorite trend

Pick a current trend that you love. This is where you don't follow the rules and you are 100% you. Typically, I suggest to wear something that is form fitting and not baggy as it does not translate well to camera every time. But this one is 100% you, so if that is what you love, then YOU DO YOU. Be confident. 

Outfit 2: Sunday Best


Being from the Bible belt, this is still what I call this type of outfit- your Sunday best. No, it isn't quite formal, but it is something that you'd wear at church on Sunday.  


Outfit 3

This is where I would typically suggest a more formal and timeless option, but because Ada is doing a 2 part senior pictures session, she opted for a second "Sunday best" outfit. 


I LOVE this outfit. I love the cowboy boots with the army green paired with a long necklace that brings in the browns from the boots and the jacket. 

Ada! You've been gorgeous in every single session!!!

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