Newborn: Gabriel Luke

gabriel branch-33.jpg

Be still my heart. How cute?!? Don't you love pictures of sleeping babies?

Gabriel Branch-6.jpg

I went to elementary, middle, and high school with this little guy's parents. Chandra and I marched in the band and were on yearbook staff together. We met for lunch dates during college. Chandra's pretty awesome. 

Chandra and Josh welcomed Gabriel Luke on July 31. 

Gabriel Branch-7.jpg

Isn't this little guy adorable? He was so calm and so tiny and so sweet during our session.

Gabriel Branch-9.jpg
Gabriel Branch-16.jpg

His brothers, Isaac and Jonas, are in love with him already. 

Gabriel Branch-18.jpg
Gabriel Branch-31.jpg

Jonas was so excited to show off his brother. When I arrived, he had to check me out to make sure that I was safe for his new little brother. It was so sweet!

Gabriel Branch-19.jpg
Gabriel Branch-23.jpg

Congrats on your new family of 5, Josh & Chandra! Love you guys!

Franklin Family: 2015

franklin family.jpg

This family is one of my favorite to photograph. I might be biased: they are family! They have always given in to my requests over the years to follow them around with my camera. During my first film class in college, Ruger, their oldest, made his entrance to the world. I remember taking film pictures of the few day old little man while he slept on Justin and Julie's dining room table in their one bedroom apartment. Aw! My heart gets all happy just thinking about it! I processed the film in the darkroom. I was so worried that I would ruin the precious film and lose the precious photos of their adorable baby. Guys, I had only processed a few rolls of film before Ruger was born. I won't lie, I might have spent a few days building up my courage to process this roll of film. Once I built up the guts to break into the film canister, I headed toward the darkroom. As the image appeared on the paper, my heart sang. It was adorable. 

Things have changed for me since this guy was born. I've switched to digital. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the art of film photography. That's exactly what it is: ART. But, I'm kind of a tech geek. I love my computer and all the techie stuff that goes along with digital photography. I applaud those photographers that still jump in the darkroom. 

Franklin boys-37.jpg

I absolutely love watching these boys grow up both through living life with them and from behind my lens. I have hundreds of pictures of these boys, and I plan to take hundreds more. Their parents are doing such a great job. These boys are respectful and sweet. They have their own personalities and interests. And aren't they good looking fellas?!? I mean, those eyes!

Franklin boys-40.jpg
Franklin boys-42.jpg

Look for this image in the Hallsville Bobcat football program this year! Denny's of Longview (view Facebook page here) bought a full page and I designed the ad! 

Franklin boys-47.jpg
Franklin boys-23.jpg
Franklin boys-84.jpg
franklin family-2.jpg

I love it.