Confidence comes from being you.

Telling your story and discovering your unique beauty one image at a time.

Capturing those distinctive qualities that make you different, and even sometimes make you feel awkward and nervous, because these are the very same qualities that will give you the ability and power to reach your dreams. You were created for something amazing, to do something that no one else has ever done, a unique purpose that only you can fulfill. With every picture, let’s discover you, and all your essential attributes just waiting to be revealed.

KDP senior sessions are so much more than pictures, posing, fashion, hair, and makeup. Confidence comes from being you. Let’s tell your story.

kennady-2 - Room - Screen Grab.jpg

Thank you so much! They’re amazing! This process has truly been amazing and i’m so excited for the rest of senior year! I’ve gained so much confidence and self love since I started. 

-Kennady, senior