Love notes from KDP clients...

best fort worth senior photographer

Thank you so much! They’re amazing! This process has truly been amazing and I’m so excited for the rest of senior year! I’ve gained so much confidence and self love since I started. 

SO SO THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING SHE DOES!! Kimberly is making my senior year come to life and I love it! She’s capturing some of my favorite things I’ve experienced in high school and I’m glad that I have this to hold on to! ♥️ GO CHECK OUT HER PAGE AND PHOTOS!!

-Kennady, senior

fort worth senior pictures

My senior session with Kimberly was so much fun, and she did such an amazing job. We all started out with the planning. I got the opportunity to really sit down and talk with her about what I wanted to do and plan my own vision. Kimberly did an amazing job at capturing all the laughs and fun times. This senior session gave me a great chance to relax and be myself in front of the camera. Kimberly made sure I felt comfortable and looked amazing the whole time! I am so thankful that I got this amazing opportunity! While shooting I had so much fun and got a real chance to feel 100% myself. With all the dancing, laughs, and relaxation, Kimberly did an amazing job at capturing it all!

-Raigan, senior


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"Thank you so much for including me and making me feel a part of the process. This meant so much to me."

-Hanna, Jocelyn's mom


"Thank you so much for all of this. This will be a much needed time to enjoy my kids. I was reminded today when I found out one of my students was killed last night by a downed power line near his home how your world can be changed in an instant. I am so thankful to you for making this possible."

Tiffany, Raigan's mom


"Oh my gosh, how do I already have a teenager? Kimberly, I shouldn't have a teenager. I'm over here trying not to cry, but she's gorgeous."

-Renee, Aubrey's mom


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"We got in the car after the session, and she told me that she felt so special. Thanks, Kimberly."

Kim, Aby's mom


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"I have Taliyah in a very special program that is intended to remind her how special she is. The pictures I have posted [on Facebook] of her are part of this program. Being a pre-teen can be a very awkward time, the Young and Free program is specifically designed to focus on this age and help them see not just their outer beauty but their inner beauty as well."

-Tina, Taliyah's mom


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“You did a fantastic job! I wish all young Jr High age kids could have this opportunity with you and your camera! So often kids this age are lost in the shuffle!”

-Nancy Taylor, Aby's grandmother


fort worth senior photographer

Peyton is pretty self confident, but she loved the positive feedback she got when her photos were shared!! Everyone loved them. What I enjoyed most about the photography session with Kimberly was the great ideas Kimberly had, the locations, and Kimberly's awesome, friendly attitude. Kimberly's portraits turned out better than we even expected! Peyton and I both agree she produces the best pictures of anyone we have seen. We refer people to her all the time!!

Jamie, senior mom



After my photography session with Kimberly, I felt accomplished. I see myself differently because now I know I’m able to do stuff like this. I would tell a friend who is looking for a senior photographer to go to Kimberly Danielle Portraits.

Heather, senior




Before my photography session with Kimberly, my child felt self conscious, and like she was not as cute as her little brother. Afterwards, she felt beautiful and special. She loved having time with all of the focus on her alone. I enjoyed watching my daughter feel beautiful and be the center attention of the photo shoot. My favorite part of the reveal and ordering appointment was seeing how gorgeous my daughter looked in each picture. The quotes were perfect and we loved reading everything along with the pictures. It will be great for her to look back on these photo's and not only see her external beauty, but also read all of the things that we love about her.

Stacy, mom