Senior Year Bucket List

Best Friends Edition

  1. Go to or host a bonfire
  2. Go stargazing
  3. Go to a drive in movie theater
  4. Watch the sunrise
  5. Race shopping carts
  6. Photoshoot with best friends
  7. Prank a friend
  8. Fancy dinner with your squad: get dressed up and have your hair and makeup done!
  9. Disney, sci-fi, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Pixar movie marathon with movie snacks and junk food
  10. Do a sing-a-long in your car (be safe & find slow moving/stopped traffic)
  11. Send a present to a soldier at Christmas and tell them thank you for their service
  12. Make a new student feel welcome and invite them to something you and your friends are doing
  13. Messy paint twister
  14. Water dodgeball
  15. Volunteer
  16. Go on a roadtrip
  17. Ask a new mom, a senior citizen, or a homebound person if there are any errands or chores you can do for them

Let's check off one of those items & have a photoshoot with your best friends!

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