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What It Is Like to Have a KDP Senior Session

A Kimberly Danielle Portraits senior session isn't just "getting your senior pictures." It isn't like aunty with a "pretty good" camera taking your pictures while you wear a cute dress. With iPhones that have portrait mode and every friend and neighbor with a decent camera, it seems like just anyone can take your senior portraits. 

Or, you could have an award winning and nationally featured photographer take your portraits. 

When it comes to these big milestones in your life, you want someone that knows all the workings of their camera and equipment. You want someone that has poured over posing and knows how to put you at ease during the session. You want someone that knows how to pose for different body types and how to accentuate your favorite features.  You want someone that has spent thousands of dollars on education just for you. 

You can expect:

  • Professionally retouched photos where you still look like you- no crazy skin tones or obnoxiously white teeth
  • You will look (and feel) amazing 
  • Your portraits will last: I exclusively print on the highest quality of archival photo paper
  • Your session and images will be uniquely you

You should feel confident, inspired to dream big, and to passionately live fully alive. Kimberly Danielle Portraits grew out of the belief that feeling less than, powerless, and discouraged is no way to live.

So what is it like, from start to finish? 


Once you contact me (at the bottom of this page is a great place to contact me!!!) and let me know that you are interested, you can do a little happy dance. Why? Because you've really made a good decision. I'll give you a phone call as soon as possible to get your mailing address. I'm going to put something in the snail mail for you!

On the phone call, I'll first make sure that I got the correct and best email for you so that I can send you a questionnaire that I can use to help plan for your session. Second, we'll schedule your pre-consult appointment. What's that? A fancy word for planning appointment. I love the pre-consult appointment because we get to know each other better! Make sure that your parents attend this appointment, too because we'll go over some legal stuff and talk about how they'd like to hang your portraits in your home. 

This is when your senior session will start to come to life; bring ALL your ideas!! Be prepared to tell me everything you envision for your session. Bring all the outfits that you are considering. Don't forget accessories! The questionnaire will give you a few starting points and inspiration to get your ideas flowing for your own session. I'll give you all my insider tips and tricks on how to prepare for your session and how to start right away on how to look and feel your best. 



A few days before our scheduled session, I'll call or email you to make sure that all the details are in place. If you have any questions, let me know during that call! 

Your session will start with a hair and makeup appointment with one of my handpicked hair and makeup artists. I'll set the appointment for you, and all you have to do is show up and enjoy getting pampered!  

We'll meet at the location we predetermined during your pre-consult and twirl to music, dance with glitter, laugh like no one is watching. I want you to enjoy yourself and to be absolutely relaxed. Don't worry about posing or what you look like. That's all me. I have know how to pose for all body types and how to accentuate your favorite features. I know how to using lighting to create or remove the drama when necessary. 

You will feel confident and absolutely gorgeous after your session.  

Reveal & Ordering Appointment

About 3-4 weeks after your session (longer during the busy seasons), we'll meet at my studio for your Reveal & Ordering Appointment. I love the reveals! I love to see your face as you are wowed and get to see just how gorgeous you are!!

You'll also get a super special surprise. I can't wait for you to see it!! You will feel confident and inspired. I promise. 

The Reveal & Ordering Appointment is where you will pick your single or groupings of Wall Art. We'll design your custom books or albums. You'll pick your absolute favorites for a memory box with gorgeous mounted prints. We'll also pick a few fun gift prints and products for your grandparents and besties. 

Order Pickup


Depending on which specific pieces of art you ordered, you products should arrive between 1-4 weeks after you make the final payment. I will inspect each item to ensure that it is flawless and wrap up your items. It will feel like Christmas morning when you see your products in the studio!


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