Reasons to Hire a Photographer

Ever wonder what are some occasions to hire a photographer? We live in a photo centric culture. Most of us take and share multiple pictures a day with our smartphones. We love to share images. We love to show the world what we are doing and experiencing.

More obvious occasions that need no explanation:

  • Wedding
  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • Senior
  • Engagements & Save the Dates
  • Update to the family pictures
  • New pet

Other, more creative ideas include:

Surprise engagements

So, you found the "one." And you know you want to spend the rest of your life with this special person. You've bought the ring. It's beautiful. You've planned the day of the proposal. It will be magical. What's left? A photographer! 

When my husband proposed, it was special. I remember every moment. What was even more special, was that someone close by took a few pictures to capture my reaction when he went down on one knee. 

Those reactions and moments are priceless. You can't relive those in an engagement session. Let's work together to surprise your significant other with pictures that they will treasure for a lifetime. Even better- these will be perfect pictures to use as save the dates, at showers, and even the wedding. 

Surprise announcements

You and your spouse just found out: your home will be growing by two feet! Two baby feet that is. Some of the most precious baby announcements include the smiling faces of the soon-to-be mommy and daddy (and possibly soon-to-be big siblings). We would love to plan a session announcing that you have a new little bundle of joy on the way.

Have other surprise announcements to make? Perhaps your service man or woman is on the way home. Perhaps YOU are the service man or woman. We'd love to capture the faces of your family members as you walk into the room.  


Have a friend (or friends) that knows everything about you? Do you finish each others' sentences? A besties session is perfect to show the world that your friend is your BFF. Are you a senior and you have a friend or several friends with whom you are inseparable? Tack on a besties session to your senior session. Bring your friends. Have fun. Make memories. 

Showers / Parties

Are you planning a baby or wedding shower or a first, one hundredth, birthday or a fiftieth anniversary? Do you have a block party in the works? We'd love to help you remember this day for years to come. 

Baby showers and wedding showers often get pushed to the wayside in light of the main event: the birth or the wedding. No, the showers are not quite as important as a new life entering the world or a couple pledging their lives to each other. But, showers are a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate in anticipation of these monumental occasions. 

Are you in the armed forces and attending a military ball? We'd love to work with you in any way we could!


Do you own a business? Do you have clients with whom you work? Are there still stock photos on your website? Or, are your images on your website outdated? Do you need several images to use on your social media sites? We'd love to discuss options for how we could serve you!

Check out the Denny's in Longview on Highway 259. Delicious food, excellent waitstaff, and awesome management. 

Is it campaign time? Consider hiring a photographer to work with you for your political rallies, social media, and other meetings you may have. 

Girls' Night

Want to have a night full of makeup, pampering, fun, laughter, (and of course coffee!)? Let us get everything organized for you. We'll provide the makeup artist and hair stylist. We'll provide the snacks. We can add other aspects, too. Just let us know what you are thinking! You just bring your best girl friends and gorgeous self.

This would be perfect for:

  • Girls getting ready for homecoming, prom, formal, high school event, college formal, etc
  • A bachelorette party
  • New mommy's first night away from baby
  • Just because!

Tea Party 

This is basically the same idea as above, but to include the littles in your life. Sometimes, mommies need to find something to do with other mommies. I'm super busy with my little one. She keeps me on my toes all day long!  At the same time, sometimes it is nice to get out and do something "little" friendly but that is enjoyable for us mommies, too. That's where the tea party comes in. 

The mommies get pampered. They get their makeup and hair done. The littles get to play together! Little need a nap? That's fine. We can accommodate.

The types of pictures you can expect from this type of shoot include:

  • Mommies playing with their littles
  • Mommies getting pampered
  • Littles playing with each other
  • Individual littles at their shabby chic tea party

Just Because

Who says you have to have a reason to have your pictures made? Schedule a session just because! Other ideas include:

  • Date night
  • Vacation (oooo!!! We love to travel!)
  • A day in  the life / Saturday morning

Thought of something not mentioned? Shoot us a message!