What to Wear | Denim: More Than Just Jeans + Fort Worth, Tx + Fort Worth Senior Photography

Just when I thought yoga pants and spandex would take over our wardrobes, I discovered that I was wrong. It looks like denim is taking back the fashionable closet. Look for denim to find its way to more than just your favorite pair of jeggings.

In 2017 denim is everywhere: jeans, dresses, shirts, and jackets- and apparently you can pair it with anything. Later in this year, you can expect to see entire outfits of made of denim. Denim jeans and denim shirts, topped with a denim jacket.

For your senior pictures, I recommend a lightweight denim top paired with darker skinny jeans or bottoms made of a different material. I don’t recommend the same acid washed shade of denim for your entire outfit.

My favorite (non-jean) denim pieces right now are lightweight off the shoulder tops or shift dresses. These pieces utilize and make a statement with the trend without screaming “1990s!!!” Please. We do not need to revisit that era. Pair an off the shoulder top with a cute choker, darker jeggings, tall boots, and a few more accessories, and you’ve got an adorable outfit for your senior pictures. 


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