Jocelyn: Senior 2017 | NCA + Fort Worth, Tx + Fort Worth Senior Photography

Jocelyn | Senior 2017 | Nazarene Christian Academy

"I want to travel across America." -Jocelyn

"The best times I've ever had was driving home from a friends house and I know I'm gonna break curfew so I just drive home and listen to music." -Jocelyn

Jocelyn told me that she wanted to bring a few of her cameras to her session. She's an avid photographer and has all these amazing film cameras. When she pulled out her cameras, I couldn't help but geek. She even has a super cute orange camera! Recently, I got to sit down with her to help her learn photography basics. I love how she plans to merge her passions to create a career. She love photography. She loves music. I can't wait until she's photographing some of the biggest bands!

"I.. love to take pictures with film. I have 8 film cameras and only 5 are usable due to the fact that the film is either extinct or a million dollars for only 8 exposures." -Jocelyn

"I love music and I can practically talk about it all day and then some. My favorite things to do is drive around and listen to music."