3 Steps to Posing for Your Senior Photos

One of the most important parts of your senior year is documenting it.

Why should you hire a professional? Smartphones have exceptional photos on them. Your auntie has an incredible DSLR camera.

What do your friends and auntie not have? Years of posing experience or training from leaders in the industry on how to pose different body types.

It is NOT the camera that is taking the picture. It is the person holding the camera. 

Read this post below on 3 easy steps to how to pose for your senior photos.

  1. Put all your weight on the hip away from the camera. This instantly slims you. However, if you feel like you are too slim, do the reverse.

  2. Bend anything that can bend. This includes arms, knees, and wrists. For girls, this helps give you a more of a feminine look.

  3. Relax. Seriously. Make sure that you have confidence in your photographer. They should guide you and give you tips as you pose. You cannot see how you look from the other side of the camera - they can. Your photographer should help lead you through your session.

If you haven’t yet found a photographer that instills confidence in you and that you trust to guide you to look amazing and pose you well, I’d love to chat! There are only a handful of remaining sessions left for 2019 seniors.

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