Fight Back Day

In light of the #metoo movement and all of the highly publicized sexual attacks in the media, I knew I couldn't just sit by and do nothing. 

Did you know that 1 in 4 girls is sexually assaulted by the time they turn 18? 

That means, of the 12+ girls on my model teams, 3 of them will be assaulted before they graduate high school. 

My heart breaks thinking about this... and I may or may not be crying right now.  

I can't do nothing. I love my girls too much. 

I need to fight back. 

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I want to personally invite you to attend a self-defense class that I am hosting with the J. Pat Burleson Martial Arts Gym on May 5th at 10am.

WHEN: May 5th at 10am
WHERE: J. Pat Burleson Martial Arts at 108 S. Saginaw Blvd in Saginaw
WHAT TO WEAR: Work out clothes – this will be a hands on class where you will participate in self defense training activities
WHAT TO BRING: A small towel in case you get sweaty

I want you to have the tools to be safe. 


PLAN ON COMING: This event for any and every woman of any age. Whether you are a tween, in high school, college or in your 40’s, you have an invitation!
INVITE: Invite your friends, all of them! The more who come, the better off we will be. Personally text and call girl friends that you think haven't taken a self-defense class or could use a good refresher. I would love it if you could bring at least 5 friends with you to the class. 
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This event is completely free!! This is a charity event and 100% of the donations will benefit Bochy's Place, "a transitional living home focused on rebuilding the lives of women who have been rescued from sex trafficking and exploitation." The suggested amount is $5-$20. 

We are learning to protect ourselves and to help restore women who are working to rebuild their lives after being in sex slavery. 

If you'd like to post flyers in your clubs, gyms, churches, or places you do visit, email me!

Let me know if you have any questions. 



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