Kaeleigh's bff session + East Texas + Senior pictures

Retro Roller Skates

Kaeleigh is a member of Tribe19, my 2019 senior model team. As a special perk, she gets a complementary best friends session. She decided that she wanted to do a retro roller skating theme. 


Kaeleigh and Madisyn wore vintage '80s tees paired with denim jackets and shorts. 


Wondering what the point of a bff session is? So glad you asked.

Why Your Daughter should have a best friends photo session

  1. You think of her as family. She's at your house as often as your daughter. She's basically your daughter's soulmate, and they've gone through so much together. Whenever something good, bad, or ugly happens, she's the first person your daughter wants to tell. Families get professional family portraits every year, so why not extend it to someone who is practically your adopted daughter?
  2. You are coming to an end of an era with your own daughter. Soon she'll graduate and possibly go separate ways from her bestie. You won't meet up with them for froyo after school. Things are about to change. Not just your daughter is graduating. Her whole squad is, too. Commemorate it all with a photo session that shows their friendship in a way that selfies don't. 
  3. It's fun. 
  4. You see all the pictures on Pinterest of bff sessions in laundromats, walking around downtown in formal dresses, at a vintage '50s diner, and in flower crowns. You know you want to do something similar for your girls. ;)

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