Family Adopts New Member During Photo Session + Fort Worth, Tx + Fort Worth Professional Photographer

The Maddings' fall family portrait session with Kimberly Danielle Portraits started out like most any other session. I met them at a local park on a gorgeous fall day. The birds were singing and kids were playing on the playground.

But what none of us knew, was how this session would forever change our lives.  


Raigan is one of my 2018 senior models. Because she is on my senior model team, I've gotten to know her and her family pretty well. And I love that about my model program. I get to know the senior and their families, so when it comes time for family portraits. I know more of the dynamics and inside stories that a typical photog might not know. (check out the highlights from Raigan's model program)

I knew we were going to laugh. A lot.  


Raigan and Carter have a sibling relationship that I believe most moms hope their teenage children will have. I know I do. They love and respect each other but also know how to pick on each other in a way that only siblings can. 


But what I didn't know was that they obviously longed for another sibling.  

So when I brought out this wicker chair for them to use during the session, the Madding family knew it was meant to be. They immediately knew his name. Reginald became a beloved part of the family.


Reginald joined our jokes. He became the beloved spotlight of several of our photos. Collin had to keep tabs on crazy Reggie the entire session because Reggie kept wanting to jump into the middle of the stream running through the park. 

Carter of course did what any good brother would do and took the time to have a little bonding time with Reginald on his own. 

Crazy Reggie.

Here's the entire family. Doesn't Reggie look great? So happy? 


I laughed so much. <3