Robert, Kelli, and Ryker


Special thanks to these guys! This is Robert, Kelli, and little Ryker. Cute name, even cuter baby!!

I really enjoyed getting to know these guys. I've known them for a few years, but finally we got to spend some time together. They were so much fun! 

I absolutely loved watching Kelli and Ryker. She's such a good momma. 

Aw. Maybe it is just the momma in me, but I LOVE this photo of Kelli and Ryker. Some of my favorite times with my own little have been feeding, rocking, and snuggling as she sleeps in my arms. Pictures of momma and baby are some of the most precious things!

Doesn't Kelli just glow here?!?

Ryker Jace


I love how in the middle photo he looks at her like, "What are you doing here?"

Tatum Senior 2016: Denarius

I am so excited to present Denarius, one of our very first senior ambassadors. He is a Class of 2016 Tatum Senior. 

This guy is intense. He's a triple threat: he's an incredible football and track athlete (check out the ridiculousness of the medals below), he's smart (he wants to major in engineering in college), and he's a good looking and respectful guy. He constantly replied with "yes, ma'am" or "no, ma'am." Let me tell you, I find that to be an amazing quality in a high school student. 

As you can tell, this guy is crazy fast. He said that is is only 1/3 of his medals! Wow. 

I told you, super good looking.

He pulled out this championship ring like it was nothing. Guys, Denarius is super humble. He didn't brag about his accomplishments. He let his achievements speak for themselves. I'm super impressed by his attitude.

Doesn't he look like a superhero?

I absolutely can't wait for his senior year. This guy will make some waves. 

Our entire session, this guy was all smiles. I really enjoyed working with him. 

This session was especially fun because Denarius and Karsyn wanted some shots together for the Tatum football program. Look for their picture! 

This is an awesome power couple. They both bring it on the field and in the classroom. 

Aren't they too cute?!?