Old Photos: Lucy Claire

For Lucy's first birthday, we stuck to a shabby chic theme featuring mint green, pinks, and burlap.

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This being my first birthday party that I have ever planned as a mom, I was SO nervous! I wanted it to turn out super cute, be super enjoyable for all the guests, and be enjoyable for me, too. 

The most important part for me, was to see her reaction eating cake for the first time. We basically had to set up a 24 hour guard around her mouth while she was around the grandparents. They always tried to slip her some sugar or sweet treat. 

Just a week or so before her planned sugar rush and dinner of cake, my family had a gathering for Labor Day. Lucy sat in my dad's lap while he ate cheesecake. From across the room, I saw him slowly move his fork towards Lucy's mouth. Everything went into slow motion as I dove across the room and yelled, "No!!" Everyone laughed as I regained my composure with my dad's fork in hand. 

You see, it is not that I am against sugar. Yes, too much sugar is bad for our bodies. I was seriously just more concerned with capturing that first reaction on camera. 

And this made it all worth it:

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Dear Lucy,

This has been a crazy year. We've been around the world and back and nothing turned out as I planned. But, that's how God is, huh? He lets us plan and then shakes things up so that we have to constantly seek Him. And, oh Lucy, have we ever sought God this year. 

Lucy, my hope and prayer for you is that in whatever you do, that you seek God with your whole heart. You can grow up to be a doctor, a stay at home mom, a photographer, or whatever God fuels as your passion. But whatever you do, remember that the most important thing about you is your relationship with Jesus. That is my biggest dream for you. I want to give you every opportunity to know Him, but I want you to find Him and seek Him. 

You have been my greatest joy this past year. You have taught me so much about life, love, God, and selflessness. I love you so much and am so grateful for you.