Why to book your session in the fall

Oh, I love the fall colors. The changing and dynamic colors of the trees add so much natural beauty to the backdrop of your photos.

The fall is my favorite season for outdoor portraits. 

There are more reasons than just the natural outdoor beauty to get your senior portraits taken in the fall- August until Christmas break. 

Planning. With whichever photographer you decide to book, he or she will probably want to ask you a few questions (or send a questionnaire) and meet with you to plan your session and make sure that you will mesh well and work well together. This takes time. You want to find the senior photographer that will create the type of session that you envision and desire.

Deadlines. Keep in mind yearbook deadlines. These are typically in the fall. You want to make sure that you get your pictures done in plenty of time so that you are not rushing to submit your photos before that deadline.

Announcements. Many seniors print their own custom graduation announcements with their senior portrait photographer. You want to allow enough time to get your portraits finished and to allow time for your photographer (or their graphic designer) time to design your announcements, for the printing lab to get them printed and shipped, delivered to you, and to get them in the mail 6 weeks before your ceremony. For big events like a graduation, it is a good idea to add in a buffer for reprints- no matter who designs and prints your announcements. Due to these time frames and allowances, I highly recommend that you book your senior session during the fall. 

Spring Semester. Let's face it. The spring is busy, and you will want these last few months to spend every moment with your best friends. Major academic and athletic competitions, college orientations, and year-end performances or shows are all in the spring. I do not want your senior portrait experience to be a burden added on top of your already hectic schedule and todo list. Schedule early during a less busy time of your senior summer or fall semester.