Why to use a Hair and Makeup Artist for your Senior Photos + Fort Worth, Tx + Fort Worth Senior Photography

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When I suggest that a senior gets their hair and makeup done many my professional hair and makeup artist, I have had a few seniors or moms give me a puzzled expression. To clear up any confusion... 

Camera Ready. The idea behind a hair and makeup appointment is not to make you look like someone you are not. The hair and makeup artist makes your skin "camera ready." That means that blemishes disappear, tone appears flawless. and skin is bright and refreshed. A professional artist knows how to exactly match your skin tone to the right shade of foundation and how much to apply so that you look flawless without that caked on look. 


Less Stress. By using a hair and makeup artist, there is one less thing for which you need to plan. As a business owner, mom, spouse, and in other various leadership roles I have held, I have learned the power and beauty of delegation. It is glorious. Things get done, and I get to check it off my todo list without giving it another thought. I want this for you. Feel free to bring ideas and pictures of looks you love, but leave the work to my talented artist. She will let you relax while getting you perfectly camera ready. 

Extra set of (professional) eyes. I'm sure that you do the same thing that I do. You get dressed, finish applying your favorite shade of lipstick, and set down your flat iron after getting that last strand of hair in perfect place. You look in the mirror and then quickly go find someone else in the house to let you know if you look alright. I do it! I want to offer these extra set of eyes and opinions to help you with those finishing touches. You will look great, and I want you to know it! 

Experience. Not everything is solely about the pictures. The hair and makeup appointment is also about making you feel flawless, gorgeous, and like the beautiful person that God created. I do not want you to only look beautiful, but I want you to feel beautiful. My goal is that you will feel pampered.