Big List of Birthday Favorites You'll Love

This is a big birthday for me. I almost decided to just forgo my birthday. Instead, I decided to embrace it, celebrate, and to make it exciting for everyone by doing a "My Favorite Things" giveaway. [I'm stealing this idea from my friend Lauryn (see her website here).


Why am I doing this you ask? Spring Break is right in the middle of the giveaway, and summer is coming! All of the items on this list are geared to you and your friends having epic experiences, making memories (and looking great while doing it), and reliving those moments. 

My Favorite Things

I'll release another item each day, so check back often. Scroll through to see the list.

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  • On March 23, I'll draw names for each item. Watch my Instagram Stories or Snapchat to see if you won! I'll also email the winners. Don't have SC or IG? Don't worry. I'll post the videos on Facebook. 
  • Yes, you can enter multiple times! Tag different people on different days for multiple entries.
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Must be able to pick up physical items from studio in Fort Worth, Texas.