How to wear your favorite 2017 fashions & trends: Teens + Fort Worth, Tx + Fort Worth Senior Photography

The 2017 fashion trends are in! In preparing for your photography session, I would love to work with you to determine what outfits you should wear and what not to wear.

Want to know what's hot for 2017?

  • Stripes
  • Denim
  • Floppy Hats (ok, well, I just love these, so I included them!)
  • Distressed Denim
  • Tassels & Lace Details
  • Straps & Ties
  • Florals
  • Chokers
  • Flare Sleeves
  • Color Blocks
  • Layering & Accessorizing

Scroll through the post or download the magazine to see a few examples of the 2017 fashion trends.

I'm so excited to have  Taliyah  &  Sierra  on my Young & Free model team! 

I'm so excited to have Taliyah & Sierra on my Young & Free model team! 

Find all these outfits at Gap Kids!



Stripes. Stripes. Stripes. This season, stripes are everywhere and they go every which way in fashion. Expect to see stripes on pants, jackets, tops, rompers, tops, and dresses and for these stripes to not always follow a uniform pattern.

Think back 100 years to Venice and to gondoliers and their romantic gondolas. What do you picture them wearing? According to Refinery29’s Landon People’s: “The first time the modern striped shirt appeared as a fashion trend was in 1917, when Coco Chanel debuted them in Paris as a response to fashion's heavily-corseted approach after a trip to France's Southern coast. Her shirts were inspired by the Parisian fisherman she saw working the docks, and she admired how utilitarian and hardy they looked. It was one of the first times women's fashion took elements from men's clothing, and we've always considered them to be a feminist statement. They've also been the uniform of generations of counter-culturalists and rebels...”

Stripes in fashion started with the icon Coco Chanel, they have been around for 100 years, and they are staying, so it might be a good idea to learn how to wear them. If you feel like stripes do not look good on you,  there is a trick to choosing the correct print that makes you feel gorgeous rather than feeling like you have put on 10 pounds. In Alison Freer’s book How to Get Dressed, she explains to look at the ratios of the light versus dark color. The dark color should only be 10 percent, and the light color should comprise the remaining 90 percent of the piece.

The dress that is everywhere is the black and white striped shirt dress. It looks great in photographs especially when paired with accessories that define your own personal style. Find a jacket and a necklace that speak to your style, and you’ll be rocking stripes like it’s nothing!

If you are bold, daring, and love a the same in your fashion, then choose a bright and bold striped dress. I will advise that we keep it toned down for your senior photographs. Although the bright and bold blocked stripes look amazing, they are super trendy and will date your photographs before you even get out of the house for college. Don’t want to wear the stripes on you clothes? You can still pull stripes into your outfit by choosing a tote or other accessory that boasts a bold stripe.   

Find this dress at Gap Kids in Southlake.

Find this dress at Gap Kids in Southlake.


Just when I thought yoga pants and spandex would take over our wardrobes, I discovered that I was wrong. It looks like denim is taking back the fashionable closet. Look for denim to find its way to more than just your favorite pair of jeggings.

For 2017 denim is everywhere: jeans, dresses, shirts, and jackets- and apparently you can pair it with anything. Later in this year, you can expect to see entire outfits of made of denim. Denim jeans and denim shirts, topped with a denim jacket.

For your portrait session, I recommend a lightweight denim top paired with darker skinny jeans or bottoms made of a different material. I don’t recommend the same acid washed shade of denim for your entire outfit. My favorite (non-jean) denim pieces right now are lightweight off the shoulder tops or shift dresses. These pieces utilize and make a statement with the trend without screaming “1990s!!!” Please. We do not need to revisit that era. Pair an off the shoulder top with a cute choker, darker jeggings, tall boots, and a few more accessories, and you’ve got an adorable outfit for your senior pictures.

Find this dress and jacket at Gap Kids in Southlake.

Find this dress and jacket at Gap Kids in Southlake.


Growing up, I hated floral prints.




They felt dated, stuffy, and like something you would find in a questionable closet full of questionable clothes. I refused to buy them and especially refused to suggest them to my clients. But 2017 revived florals and transformed them into something fresh and sweet, especially for those in the under 25 crowd. I’m not saying that those of us past 25 can’t wear this trend. I’m just saying that I think they are especially cute on young adults.

Look for florals in off the shoulder tops, dresses, rompers, blazers, skirts, pants, high-low tops, shoes, leggings, and my long time favorite: scarves. Layer floral pieces with solids to lessen the impact of a floral design.   Don’t be afraid to pair stripes and florals. This super cute trend is absolutely adorable and super easy to handle. Find your favorite striped shirt and pair it with your favorite a-line skirt. Add in your favorite accessories that pop the floral, and you’re golden!   

Find this adorable dress at Gap Kids in Southlake

Find this adorable dress at Gap Kids in Southlake

Color Block

When I started to see the color blocks trend on the runway, I questioned how on earth the average person would every be able to wear giant blocks, squares, and rectangles of color without looking like they time-warped from the 1970s.

I may have cringed.

While shopping at Gap Kids for the modeling sessions, I found my answer. I realized how easy it is to incorporate this trend without looking retro.

This adorable floral dress utilizes color blocks without making a big deal about it. Simple and easy. According to Refinery29’s Gina Marinelli, it is ok to get a little wild and crazy with color blocking.  You can throw concept of matching out the window.

“Instead, we’re aiming to find two (or three or four) shades that clash and contrast just enough so that every outfit looks intentional.”

Just remember that your personality shines through the details.  Be you. Be beautiful. 

Find this dress and leggings at Gap Kids in Southlake 

Find this dress and leggings at Gap Kids in Southlake 

Stylized and Ready

You’ve found the perfect dress, a sweet off the striped top with adorable skinnies, and a bell sleeved shift dress that makes you feel gorgeous. You are now ready for your close-up, right? Not quite.  Let’s make those clothes make a statement about you and show off your personality!

Perfect 2017 accessories are:

  • floppy hats
  • big bracelets
  • bold earrings
  • chokers
  • long Y necklaces
  • lacy fringe vests
  • layers (add a jacket, vest, or leggings)  

Your entire wardrobe is more than just feeling gorgeous and looking fantastically amazing in your photographs. Your wardrobe should be an extension of who you are, who you want to be, and the story you want to tell through your photos. Confused? That’s ok. That’s where I get to help! I am super excited to work with you to create your senior story, to plan with you, and to collaborate on all the details of what is important for you so tell the world. The wardrobe you choose is an extension of you and should in a very strategic way, show who you are.  

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