You Deserve More Than Lackluster

Want to feel like a supermodel for a day? You can.

Maybe you stand in front of your floor length bedroom mirror in the morning before school. You look at yourself in your new Miss Me jeans. You wish you looked like someone else. You wish you were a few sizes smaller or that you could throw away all your clothes and completely redo your wardrobe. 

At lunch and while eating your home packed turkey sandwich and veggie straws, you scroll through Instagram and see pictures of girls at your school. They look amazing. Their feeds look perfect. You click over to your feed and sigh as you feel like it looks lackluster.


You feel like you can't measure up.

Most of us girls struggle with self-image. Can I get an amen?!? I know I do. But why? Because we are bombarded by the media, by social media, and unrealistic photoshopped images that make us feel less than worthy.

Hey girl. 

I know what you are feeling. I've been there. 

You deserve more. 


You deserve a day to feel beautiful. You deserve to feel like a supermodel and to get the royal treatment- pedicure, hair, makeup, and to be doted on all day long. You deserve a day to focus on how good life can be. You deserve a day to truly dream big. 

You are worth it.


Nothing you could change could make you more perfect. You are already beautiful. Just the way you are. Losing a few more pounds, changing your hair, toning up, renewing your wardrobe, covering up that pesky zit that always shows up at the most inopportune times... none of that will make you more perfect. You are perfectly beautiful just the way you are. 

Let me tell you: you are gorgeous, darling. You deserve a day to not have to worry about school, bullies, or even how you look. Darling, I will accentuate and highlight your natural beauty. You have nothing to worry about. 

You are SO worth it.

You deserve it. Do you want it?

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