What to Wear for Senior Pictures + Fort Worth, Tx

2018 Fashion Trends


At KDP, wardrobe styling is part of the package and something I love to do! So if you are still unsure what to wear, let me know and we will pick out the perfect outfits together so you are feeling beautiful and confident at your senior session!

Most of my seniors love shopping at JJ's Designs & Boutique, Anthropologie, Free People, Altr’d State, and Francesca’s. Keep these following tips in mind as you rummage through your closet and shop for the perfect outfits that represent exactly who you are for your upcoming senior photoshoot! Following these tips, you'll find the 2018 trends.



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This year's florals are a take on the 60's era. Choose retro florals in prints that flatter your shape.


According to Harper's Bazaar, fringe is one of the most fun trends of this season. You can find it on sleeves, skirts, bags, and shoes.


Layers allow for more variety. Think of a fun scarf that we can wrap in different ways or a sweater, jacket and/or vest that we can photograph both on and off within one single outfit. 



Go sparkles from head to toe! Glitter, sequins, and all things sparkly. Have fun with this trend and take your outfits from drab to wow.

Graphic Stripes


Stripes. Stripes. Stripes. This season, stripes are everywhere and they go every which way in fashion. Expect to see stripes on pants, jackets, tops, rompers, tops, and dresses and for these stripes to not always follow a uniform pattern.

Think back 100 years to Venice and to gondoliers and their romantic gondolas. What do you picture them wearing? According to Refinery29’s Landon People’s:

“The first time the modern striped shirt appeared as a fashion trend was in 1917, when Coco Chanel debuted them in Paris as a response to fashion's heavily-corseted approach after a trip to France's Southern coast. Her shirts were inspired by the Parisian fisherman she saw working the docks, and she admired how utilitarian and hardy they looked. It was one of the first times women's fashion took elements from men's clothing, and we've always considered them to be a feminist statement. They've also been the uniform of generations of counter-culturalists and rebels...”

Stripes in fashion started with the icon Coco Chanel, they have been around for 100 years, and they are staying, so it might be a good idea to learn how to wear them.

If you feel like stripes do not look good on you, there If you feel like stripes do not look good on you, there is a trick to choosing the correct print that makes you feel gorgeous rather than feeling like you have put on 10 pounds. In Alison Freer’s book How to Get Dressed, she explains to look at the ratios of the light versus dark color. The dark color should only be 10 percent, and the light color should comprise the remaining 90 percent of the piece.

The dress that is everywhere is the black and white striped shirt dress. It looks great in photographs especially when paired with accessories that define your own personal style. Find a jacket and a necklace that speak to you, and you’ll be rocking stripes like it’s nothing!

If you are bold, daring, and love a the same in your fashion, then choose a bright and bold striped dress. I will advise that we keep it toned down for your senior photographs. Although the bright and bold stripes look amazing, they are super trendy and will date your photographs before you even get out of the house for college.

Don’t want to wear the stripes on you clothes? You can still pull stripes into your outfit by choosing a tote or other accessory that boasts a bold stripe.

Dark Denim



Purples are the color of 2018. If purples compliment your skin tone, consider a piece in a lavender hue. Find this gorgeous romper at JJ's Designs & Boutique.

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