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Why are you going to college?

Why are you going to college?

When choosing what college you will attend, you aren't just choosing which school's dorm room is the most livable or which dining hall has the best salad bar (ahem, pizza, anyone??). You aren't just deciding if you want to live on the beach or the mountains for 4 years. 

You are essentially deciding what you want to do for the next 40 years of your life. 

That. Is. Huge. 

Deciding where you want to live coupled with determining what you are going to do every single day for the next 4 decades? No wonder so many high school juniors and seniors struggle with the decision. 

I truly believe that every high school junior or senior should do two things before starting their college search:

2016 Christmas Mini Sessions

2016 Christmas Mini Sessions

Only 80 days until Christmas!! Do you have recent family portraits for your Christmas cards? As in recent, I mean since your last kiddo was born? Since everyone started walking? Since everyone has been potty trained? Since your last kid started school? As in recent, I mean: do you have professional photographs from within the last year?

Posing Concerns

Posing Concerns

"I don't know how to pose! Other people look so good when they pose. I won't know what to do when we start taking pictures! I don't know what to do with my hands, or feet, or..."

Does that statement sound like a familiar concern that you may have? Yeah, me too! When I stand in front of a camera, I freeze. I am just unsure of what to do in combination with my outfit and my surroundings. I'm in the picture. I can't see it. 

"These were the first professional pictures I have ever had done, so going into the photoshoot I was very nervous. But with the help of the other two seniors and Kimberly, I soon felt at ease doing the poses that Kimberly described and ended up having a ton of fun!"


Why to use a Hair and Makeup Artist for your Senior Photos + Fort Worth, Tx + Fort Worth Senior Photography

Why to use a Hair and Makeup Artist for your Senior Photos + Fort Worth, Tx + Fort Worth Senior Photography

When I suggest that a senior gets their hair and makeup done many my professional hair and makeup artist, I have had a few seniors or moms give me a puzzled expression. To clear up any confusion... 

Senior: Jacey + Fort Worth, Tx + Fort Worth Senior Photography

Meet Jacey! She is a 2016 senior at Marshall High School. 


Isn't she gorgeous?

She is a member of the award winning Marshall Mavettes. Our session was only days after the team danced their way to a sweepstakes award! 

Jacey said that she would describe herself as witty, and that she absolutely loves people. She plans to attend Stephen F. Austin and major in nursing. One of the many reasons why she wants to go into the nursing field is because she has a heart for helping people.

Click here to see Jacey's album.


I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14